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Review Death of Wolverine #2! “The best there is…”


3915603-death_of_wolverine_2_coverToday marks the release of the second part of “Death of Wolverine.” For a title that wasn’t originally on my radar, Marvel Comics has done an amazing job at pulling me in and entering the weekly series format that their Distinguished Competition have done so well. “Death of Wolverine” part 2 of 4 remains consistent with the tension and unrelenting speed it started with last week and should not be missed!
Charles Soule is one of the best writers we have in this modern age of comics. He will surely be looked at as “one of the greats” in years to come. The same could also be said for Steve McNiven’s work. After reading last week’s “Death of Wolverine”, I took it upon myself to find out more about Mr. McNiven and his previous work. “Old Man Logan” is a particular stand out and essential Logan story that most true fans of the medium are aware of, have read, and probably have collected in their vast library. His work on “Death of” part 2 of 4, once again, stands out and makes it a great pull for the week. Steve McNiven has clearly shown that he has a talent for drawing Wolverine, most especially Wolverine at the end of his ropes with no holds barred.
As a fan of the X-Men, primarily through the animated series and the 2000 film of the same name, I have never read much of the comic. It’s only been more recent that I have read “Origin”, “Weapon X”, and “Wolverine” – the Chris Claremont/ Frank Miller run. My main source of education comes from the cartoon and films, which for many devoted readers would find as heresy. But having read the previous Wolverine stories penned by Paul Cornell, I very much feel at home with “Death of Wolverine” and ready to watch it all come to an end with some of the most devoted of Wolverine fans. Tribute, once again, must be paid to Charles Soule for crafting another episode that features characters that you truly care about and a stand out issue that reminds us of the importance of a good comic book in the first place. Good writing can breathe life into a character and have just about anyone discussing it the following day as if it were a real person or event in our own lives. This is exactly what has been accomplished through the build up to “Death of Wolverine” and in the 4 part series releasing each week this month. Penciller, Steve McNiven, inker, Jay Leisten, and colorist, Justin Ponsor have created a feel and tone unique to this important mini-series. Every panel feels like you’re being invited to see something special and being treated to something genuine. It’s an intangible quality that should be credited to the full creative team Marvel Comics have assembled for this story.
Concerning itself with the story, this episode functions more so not as the thing, but the thing that gets us to the thing. We haven’t fully seen all of Charles Soule’s cards, yet we know that Viper is a major player and that Logan, with the aid of Iron Man’s Mark IX helmet, will barter with just about anyone and everyone to get what he wants. Logan, at his best (and what he does best isn’t very nice) is to keep things moving before he finally departs and if that means dueling Sabretooth to the death – so be it. There’s a fantastic double spread in the book, which serves as Logan daydreaming about how he will fight and kill Victor Creed. It looks like nothing else in the book, nor should it. Within the bonus material we are treated to, Steve McNiven says “I ended up pencil shading and ink washing this spread to shift it away from the “normal” look of the book.” It’s just this level of creativity which sets “Death of Wolverine” apart from the rest of the more simple and straightforward story telling of other event books.
“Death of Wolverine” part 2 of 4 remains a personal highlight of the week. It has exceeded the normal expectations that come from a death of title and already looks to stand out as a story that will stand alongside other classics such as “Old Man Logan.” Also, any Marvel Comics title that features Lady Deathstrike will always be a must for me. She’s so much fun to look at, especially with the hands. A sentiment shared with Steve McNiven, as he has said she is one of his “favorite characters” and that “I love drawing Lady Deathstrike’s hands!” Thank you, Steve McNiven, for loving what you do. It shows and we applaud you for it.

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