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Review – Death of Wolverine #3 – A Modern Classic?


Review - Death of Wolverine #3 - A Modern Classic?After three solid weeks without Charles Soule and Steve McNiven’s “Death of Wolverine”, Marvel has finally treated us to the third part of this four-part series. And after reading this issue, I am once again reminded by how much I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Soule’s intelligent and well plotted story concerning the death of, prehaps the most famous of X-Men, – the Wolverine!
“Death of Wolverine” part 3 of 4 is another good, solid story about a delicate moment in Logan’s life. He no longer has his famous healing factor and is combating nearly “every assassin and merc thug on the planet” that’s after him. After a brutal encounter with Lady Deathstrike, and one that is drawn equally as savage by Steve McNiven, Logan is saved by Kitty Pride and allowed a short, but sweet moment with her in the Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens in Tokyo. This is where the book comes alive, in every word and image, transporting you into the reality of the story. Much like gifted writer Scott Snyder (American Vampire, Batman, and the upcoming Wytches) Charles Soule has the unique talent of creating a dialogue that rises from each bubble and box and somehow becomes that of an overheard conversation. When paired with the amazing penciller, Steve McNiven, each page pulls you into a world in which you can truly experience the scent of plum blossoms and wind kissing rustling petals, the anger and fear Logan has towards his own mortality, and the immediate urgency of his battle with Ogun. It is exactly this environment brought to life by this creative team that makes “Death of Wolverine” such an important book, and Soule and McNiven two of the top talents working in the industry today.
Whether or not you have followed the lead up to “Death of” or are reading “Death of” it is a book that has so many merits as quality literature. What could be easily dismissed as event writing or a Marvelous idea of sensationalism, “Death of Wolverine” is quite the opposite. It’s a remarkable four-part story arc that truly captures the existential idea so many of us face – what does it mean to be alive? What is the meaning of our existence? What is our legacy? Charles Soule hits every beat in his story and the third part, entitled “Seppuku”, reminds us after a three-week gap of why we kept with this book instead of dropping it off our weekly pull. As Wolverine says “just one lifetime, where every choice matters. Just one chance and I’m gonna use it.” we completely tap into Logan’s head space and given another reason to follow this essential Marvel character for just one more week and face Death and all his friends that come with it.
Thank you, Charles Soule and Steve McNiven for providing us with a story that will surely stand on fans bookshelves; collected along with such classics written by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. Thank you for “getting” the importance of “Death of Wolverine” and for providing us with an important look at a comic book character that became a man, a living and breathing Wolverine.

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