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Review of Deadhorse #1 – From 215 Ink


Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park New Jersey. May 12, Comic Con. Thirty-five tables, no big publishers. Just a roomful of creators, artists, writers, and fans. In the midst of this is a table with two dudes and a book, not just any book, it was the launch of the full color print version of first issue. They were happy to give me the pitch:

“Deadhorse is the story of William Pike and the key to a fantastic box of unimaginable power. After William receives the key in a letter from his thought to be deceased father, he is pursued by a brutal industrialist and a relentless bounty hunter as he travels to the farthest reaches of Alaska in search of the truth.”

Eric Grissom and Phil Sloan are the guys behind the new series Deadhorse…

Written by Eric Grissom
Art and Cover by Phil Sloan
Colors by David Halvorson

…It’s a mystery, no its several mysteries. It’s a mystery layered in mysteries. And in the tradition of some of the great mysteries the story opens midstream and you just have to jump in and keep up.

The problem is William Pike isn’t a hero type. For one thing he’s agoraphobic and he’s totally grossed out by bugs. It seems that the question of what happened to his father and what this box is could be enough to drive him past his problems and into a new one, a life and death struggle for the truth. Can he hold on till he finds it?

As you might have noticed this book definitely struck a chord with me. I love a mystery and the fish out of water story is a favorite of mine. Couple that with the easy, cartoony, but somehow still detailed style of the art and this book is a must buy. I’m hoping to read and review issue 2 before it’s release on June 13th.

So where can you get this book? As I said the release of issue 1 was May 12th so get going! First go here, Or call your local comic shop and ask them to go and get it for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Oh here’s a pic of the guys at Asbury Park Comic Con

After you’ve bought the book, read it, and loved it, find them on twitter (Eric @egrissom Deadhorse @deadhorsecomic) or facebook and tell them!

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