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Review Dead Man’s Run #1 – Aspen Comics


Written by Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk)
Illustrated by Tony Parker (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)
Colored by David Curiel
Lettered by Josh Reed

For those of you who haven’t been following along Dead Man’s Run #0 shipped in October 2011 to much fanfare. The premise: (from Aspen)

“Hell is a prison from which none escape. That’s not a metaphor. It’s a concrete reality surrounded by razor wire and gun towers in the middle of the California desert. But today, a young cartographer named Sam Tinker begins an epic battle against the mysterious Warden and all the horrors of her domain, in a desperate attempt to rescue his sister Juniper–the only innocent in Hell!”

In issue zero the Captain Romero, the captain of the guard, gets wounded quelling an escape attempt and winds up an inmate. Issue one opens with his decision to have Samuel Tinker, a cartographer in his employ, sent to help him out. Unfortunately Sam doesn’t get sent to hell alone, his sister Juniper winds up there with him.

I’m going to be honest here, I wasn’t a huge fan of issue 0. I felt the premise was confusing and they hadn’t really found their legs with the art. Issue 1 is a much better issue. The writing is tighter, the story moves well and the art is really quite stunning in some places. Yes the story idea is familiar (Dante’s Inferno anyone?) but it’s different enough to be quite interesting. There are some really strong interesting characters being presented here Sam, Capt. Romero, The Warden some of the inmates, everyone has a story I hope we get to know some of them. The connection between Hell and the Prison and whether being an inmate means that you’re dead are questions that will obviously be addressed in the series. So I guess if you like supernatural action adventure stories with lots of questions this book is definitely for you. I’ll probably be sticking around for a few issues, at least.

And hey don’t take my word for all this stuff the issue hits the shelves TODAY, January 18th so be sure to stop by your local shop and check it out!

The creative team:
Greg Pak @gregpak
Tony Parker @TonyParkerArt
David Curiel @Davcuriel

Greg Pak’s Dead Man’s Run site:

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