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Review Cyanide & Happiness’s Punching Zoo — The Right Amount of Wrong


punching_zoo_mockup_mediumIf you’ve been on the internet in the last ten years or so, you are probably no stranger to Cyanide & Happiness. (Hint: it’s the comic with the stick figures doing really wrong things that your friends are always posting to Facebook or Tumblr, or their blogs back in the day.) Like all good webcomics, you can catch a new C&H comic daily over at…

Review Cyanide & Happiness's Punching Zoo — The Right Amount of Wrong
Cyanide & Happiness @

…but if you’re tired of clicking “Previous” or “Next,” spare yourself some trouble and check out their new trade paperback, “Punching Zoo,” available as of September 10 through BOOM! Box.

It’s the C&H crew’s third book, but while some webcomics are content to just put out a book of old content, “Punching Zoo” gives you some greatest hits and then adds 30 new comics and a “Chew Your Own Adventure” called “The Hot Date.” (It’s way better than those Choose Your Own Adventure books you remember from childhood, because it’s got that twisted C&H sense of humor.) It’s also got a forward from one of the founders of reddit, Alexis Ohanian, which talks about the sad state of mainstream newspaper comics these days and envisions C&H as a Far Side without censors. I think C&H pushes the envelope way farther than Larsen did, but then again I never got to see what Gary Larsen wrote before his editors got their hands on it.

Will you like it? If you’re not easily offended (the humor gets pretty raw sometimes, but that’s always been my favorite part) and not dead, I think you will. I did, and I’m giving it 4 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

Get it at your local bookseller, local comic shop, or direct from!

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