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Review – Critical Hit #1 — Stunning First Issue!

Review - Critical Hit #1 — Stunning First Issue!

Cover A: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, with K. Michael Russell colors

Matt Miner’s Liberator was a critical success, I saw tons of great reviews for the first arc (some of which were ours!). Well the next chapter starts October 1st and man does it come out of the gate strong!

Critical Hit opens right in the action, as we follow Jeanette and Sarah (from the original series) on an “action”, and just when you’re swept up in moment, Miner pulls the rug out and gives us some back story. So then you cruise along through this (decidedly uncomfortable and moving) back story thinking the whole time about the crazy action you left behind and then BAM! you’re back in the middle of crazy town again!

Matt has taken what was largely about animals and the cruelty visited upon them and turned it into a book about people as well. This action book has become an action/drama and it is damn good. I’m not going to spoil anything here but let’s say that he has set up one hell of a rough situation for our heroines, I’m a little nervous about how it may turn out. And that feeling tells me this is an amazingly well written and illustrated book! While we don’t have a full preview, Matt did send along a page and these gorgeous variant covers!


Critical Hit #1
Written by: Matt Miner
Art by: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Colors by: Doug Garbark
Letters by: Crank!
Cover Artist: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer
Publisher: Black Mask
Release Date: October 1st
Price: $3.99
UPC: 045778022649
Diamond Id: JUN140919

Cover A: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, with K. Michael Russell colors
Cover B: Rod Reis
Cover C: Phil Noto
Don’t look here —> Cover D: Francesco Francavilla

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