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Review Paul Chadwick’s Concrete – Three Uneasy Pieces


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Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, which he writes and draws, is definitely social commentary. He’s not anti-government or anti-police, if anything he’s pro-law enforcement. All three stories put Concrete in situations where he either calls the police or stumbles into assisting them. The social commentary seems to creep in here and there in reference to violence. One story in particular (Everything Looks Like A Nail) deals with the use of Tasers.

Concrete isn’t what I’d call a “SuperHero” in the normal sense of the word. Ron Lithgow was kidnapped by aliens while camping and they “experimented” on him, transplanting his brain into a rock coated powerful body. He spends his life “mounting expeditions, writing books, pushing environmental causes, and working odd jobs”. I guess you could say he’s a liberals (wet) dream. Powerful enough to not only help the police but for them to welcome his help. Also he’s not Batman, non-violent, intelligent, thoughtful, pleasant, and humble. Definitely not what we’re used to in the super hero genre. But does it work?

I admit I enjoyed the three stories but something kept happening. My brain seemed to disconnect from the story. Questions popping into my head, questions like “hmm he seems really well adjusted for someone who’s brain was transplanted into a non human body?” and “wait, a rocky infant formed on his back and is in a coma. and he’s just out walking the dog??” I just don’t know if I can follow a character so unaffected by the things in his life. He thinks about things, worries about things but he just comes off blase’.

Some of the art is absolutely beautiful, several panels of Marion (Concrete’s love interest?) for example, are stunning. But all in all I just don’t buy him (Concrete) maybe I just like my heroes conflicted and a little unbalanced (X-Men anyone?)

Three out of Five. Worth checking out just not a favorite.

Concrete, Three Uneasy Pieces – Dark Horse Comics
Written by Paul Chadwick
Art by Paul Chadwick
Release Date July 18, 2012

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