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Coming Soon from 215 Ink! Beware… Citizen Science!


215ink has been releasing cool stuff for a while now, Flutter, Jesus Hates Zombies, Footprints, Golgotha, Blue Moth, and of course Beware…

Beware is the story(ies) of the town of Haven Hollows. A small town in upstate New York, it boasts a beautiful small town feel calling itself “the best little town in this great big country of ours…” There have been, incidents, small incidents mind you, cakes that cause flight, marauding robots. Some say it’s ancient Indian burial grounds, some say the old radium plant. The important thing? They don’t shy away from SCIENCE!

This three issue (so far) series gives us stories of alien invasion, science run amok, and time travel! This is some well written beautifully drawn stuff, I just wish the books came out more often.

I reviewed back in April of 2012 and I loved it, a classic invasion tale, we meet the town’s residents quickly, some we never meet again, and if you didn’t know the series was continuing you’d be hard pressed to guess the ending…

Coming Soon from 215 Ink! Beware... Citizen Science! 9 10

Perkins and Perkins really gave us a fun and interesting story, one I’ve enjoyed reading more than once. Their combination of both subtle and in your face wit makes a really fun experience.

Then we get Beware… Formula X! A teen, a science experiment, and of course a girl, what could go wrong?

If Todd had been better prepared, if he’d only taken better notes, then maybe he and his classmates wouldn’t be running for their lives from the horrible thing his miscalculations have created! Can he fix what went wrong, survive the night, and get the girl!

BFX-01 BFX-02 BFX-03

BFX-04I love what they’re doing here. It’s 50’s sci-fi/horror with out going over the top. I had worried that we were straying too far into the monster genre with Formula X but then those Perkins boys threw another curve with…

BEWARE… The Arrival of The Chononauts!

BC-Cover BC-01 BC-02

BC-03 BC-04 BC-05

An unsuspecting traveler is whisked away on a journey through time. Will we finally learn the secrets of Haven Hollows NY? And what about our time-traveler? Are her concerns truly “irrelevant!”

These three books have been a ton of fun and they all stand up well as done in one single issues. Taken as a series however, that puts them in a class by themselves. Making a town the main character, using an ever-changing cast of characters to support it, and giving us very few pieces of the town’s deeper mystery is a great hook. So many tv shows have come close to pulling this off in the past, Stargate, Eureka, Warehouse 13, but because of the nature of television they fail to keep the focus on the central mystery (the Stargate, the Artifacts) and start to become about the recurring cast of characters. So far Beware… has avoided that, it will be interesting to see how they continue the story and what new wrinkles they add as they move along.

You can buy Beware… digitally at comiXology, you can get all 3 for .99 a piece! I also have it on good authority that the collected edition will be in print in time for New York Comic Con (Oct 9-12) and will be listed in Previews! We’ll post that info as soon as we get it!

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