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Review – New 52 – Batman Detective Comics #3 by Tony S. Daniel Sandu Florea


Detective Comics #03 400x600

Batman Detective Comics #3
Written and Drawn by Tony S Daniel Inks by Sandu Florea

I was collecting this title before the reboot (relaunch, whatever) and I’ve stayed on for the time being because Tony Daniel’s art is gorgeous. Gorgeous in that disturbing scary way. The story was starting to lose me though. I always considered this title to be the one that showcased the Bats’ skills as well as a detective but so far the first two issues have been one boss fight after another. Issue 1 goes five straight pages of fistfights and explosions before really telling us what’s going on then we get a whole 5 pages of investigation and plot then BOOM another 7 page fight scene. I know it’s not easy to write a good detective piece but I felt like they were taking shortcuts in storytelling to show more action. The exposition isn’t bad we’ve got Batman’s fist person mental narration to guide us but I was hoping for a little more clue finding interrogating people kinda stuff. Issue 2 was more like a detective story, was there action? Of course and some great plot some fun twists and a few jaw droppers. At the end of #2 though we were back to the knock down drag out fight again but here it worked well, gave us the moment to introduce the “BigBad” (kind of) and Mr. Daniels left us wondering just what the hell was going on. Really strong book.

On to the current issue, #3 again Daniels artwork is unreal, it’s creepy and beautiful, can’t get enough of it. As for plot this is the luckiest Batman I’ve ever seen in my life. He keeps blundering into these epic fights almost getting pounded into dirt and yet somehow manages to escape and I know you’re thinking but that’s the nature of the super hero right? Yes but this guy seems to get away by luck or accident not by skill or smarts. Another strong issue just the same the plot moves along nicely and we almost think we know where the “BigBad” is headed. Mr. Wayne does some detective work, utilizing the cave the computer and Alfred (yea!), spends some time gathering intel and then back into the fray! This book was really moving along nicely till that last page. A trap reminiscent of the ’66 tv series. Ugh. I’d describe it but it just wouldn’t be fair.

I’ll hang on through this story arc (issue 5 maybe?) Because issue two was really great and three had potential. Were #’s 2 and 3 less action packed? No, it just felt like the lulls between the action had more substance than the previous issues. It really seemed like the story moved forward without giving too much away. Maybe because I’ve always preferred the Law & Order approach (discovering the facts of the case with the investigator) to the Murder She Wrote/Columbo approach (we see it all and wait for the investigator to catch up), some story telling styles can give me serious readers block. This time I’m willing to hang on a little while longer to see how it turns out.

Did you read it? Did you love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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