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Review: Atlas #1 – Great First Outing!



“The world spent twenty years rebuilding itself after the Teffler incident. Twenty years re-locating, re-building and fighting a terrible cancer brought on by the fallout. Now that the dust has settled and been wiped away, a shining new world has pulled itself from the rubble. However, memories aren’t the only thing that were left behind from those dark times.
A new generation gifted with superhuman abilities was born from the incident, spread across every economic and cultural strata. With the world still jumping at its own shadows, the Silverline organization was formed to to manage these superpowered individuals. But can they keep their hard won peace when other forces conspire to dig up the past?”


This is the world we come upon in the sci-fi adventure comic Atlas. And we’re immediately thrown in with one of the Silverline Organization’s teams, five young people with extraordinary abilities. At this point I was waiting for the obligatory cast breakdown, each character get’s their three-quarter or close up with their name and a short punchy description of personality and powers. It’s done so often in fact I was honestly surprised by the writer, Lon Novak, opting to let the story unfold and bring us along for the ride.

We’re brought in through the narration of team newbie Alex. He’s almost a text-book teenager, standing in a situation wondering what the hell he’s doing there. His team is wondering the same thing. Though his role is unclear and the team seems very “unteamlike” they proceed to investigate the disappearances they’ve been asked to solve. Alex’s powers present themselves soon enough and it really worked as an exclamation point to the odd and not entirely understood mutations that have occurred since the incident. The fallout from the incident didn’t just bestow powers on some, seems exposure to the radiation has also created other, things.

The Silverline organization’s mission is to investigate incidents near the “zones” of high contamination, and put the best face on the newly powered for the public. But could those two goals become mutually exclusive? And what is Silverline’s longterm goal?

Atlas_1_1 Atlas_1_2 Atlas_1_3 Atlas_1_6

So we’ve got Lon Nowak’s well written sci-fi story (and we know how much I love those!), coupled with Jack Ciolli and Liz Lunderblade’s art, which though it’s too dark in this first issue (the digital copy is a little better lit) is strong with solid characters designs and environments, good detail and layouts. This is an impressive first issue for a team that from their bios are “straight out of art school” for the most part.

Issue one is available on Gumroad, which is a pay what you wish digital platform, and soon on comixology. Go here: to find out more and to buy the first issue!

Atlas #1 gets 3 1/2 out of 5. Buy it and support indie comics!

Atlas #1
Written/Created by: Lon Nowak
Art by: Jack Ciolli
Colors by: Liz Lundblade
Pages: 23
Age: Teen
Let you in a little secret. I’ve read further along in the series and enjoyed the hell out of it, those reviews are coming.


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