Should I have been reading Action Comics? Review Action Comics # 4 The Debut of Steel ~ What'cha Reading?

Should I have been reading Action Comics? Review Action Comics # 4 The Debut of Steel


Backup story written by SHOLLY FISCH
Backup story art by BRAD WALKER

I’ve made no apologies for not liking the new Superman, I’ve felt the book just followed a whiny Clark Kent around and Lois was relegated to an office manager. Diane at my LCS @RoyalComicsNYC kept telling me to ignore the Superman title and jump on to Action. So when I saw this month’s title “The Debut of Steel” I thought it might be worth taking a look. I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it was the lack of dialogue or panel time for our boy Clark but he just didn’t seem as emo in this issue as he is in Superman granted I haven’t read issue 2 but if this is the direction Action Comics takes I’m all for it.

The V.O.T.W. (villain of the week) is the someone controlling herds of robots constructed by hijacked factories; “around the country and the world…auto and manufacturing plants are producing robots by the thousands”, not touching the obvious impossibility of that happening. Followed by “Experts believe a computer virus of unknown origin may be responsible” again I guess not all comics try to use plausible sci-fi themes.  But I digress, we hear our new nemesis but don’t actually meet him in this issue. No what we get in this issue is Superman pounding the hell out of a plethora of robots! Then just when it looks a little dicey in steps Dr. John Henry Irons! I remember Steel well enough from the “Death of Superman” arc to know I wanted to see the new him. If I remember correctly he was a construction worked by the name John Henry Irons who becomes one of the heroes competing for Supe’s mantle after his “death”. This time he’s a bad ass scientist, creator of the tech that’s being used to attack Superman and he ain’t havin none of that! Weighing in in his metal robot suit sledge hammer in hand we get two pages of him trading blows with the main robot menace, wait two pages? That’s all? No gentle reader they obligingly gave us an eight page backup story featuring the entire fight and Dr. Irons story. Well worth the cover price!

So am I on-board with Action Comics? Maybe, this week I’ll have to stop by @RoyalComicsNYC and see if they’ve got some back numbers 2 and or 3 for me to peruse. If whiny emo Clark doesn’t make and appearance and Lois gets out of her corner office maybe just maybe I’ll go along for the ride.

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