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Review: “A Home for Wizards” by Jaysen Headley.


unnamedThis week sees the official book launch of “A Home for Wizards”, author Jaysen Headley’s follow up novel to 2014’s “A Love Story for Witches.”  When I last sat down with Headley’s “Witches”, I went on to say “It’s more than just a love story, it’s a fast, page turning, homage to the magic and romanticism long-lost from the monsters heyday.”  Some time has passed since then; I’ve missed Jaysen Headley’s writing.  Author Jaysen Headley and his work reminds me of what an old friend is.  Someone we may have known from years past, but even with time passing between, when you eventually reacquaint (which must be the end result of some decision by the fates), it just feels right.  It feels like home.  I missed “Witches” and its cast of characters and “A Home for Wizards” feels timely in its release.

“A Love Story for Witches”, the first book in the Spellcaster saga, centered on Adam, “a normal, non-magical, non-wizard, non-sorcerer” young man having recently graduated from Pratt, currently jobless, yet more concerned with the “get a fancy design job and meet a nice girl” aspect that comes with post college territory.  He’s looking for “the classic love story” and is led to Heart Heart Hug, an online dating service, that leads him to Eva, a 25-year-old “magic-wielding sorceress supreme of the fifth order.”  In the follow up, “A Home for Wizards”, we get a much longer and more insightful take on the highly ambitious and sprawling nature of the world Headley has created.  Despite “A Home for Wizards” being a proper sequel and rightful extension of Headley’s world of shamans, black mages, white mages, and sorcerers, it’s still a very accessible read for newcomers.  Headley has a natural ability to create dialogue and scenes that almost magically transport the reader from the routine of their day and lives.  Taking place two years after “A Love Story…”, “A Home for Wizards” finds Adam Smith now engaged to Eva.  They’re ready to get married, just as long as a meteor, a wizard named Sparo Watkins, and intense catastrophe(s) doesn’t get in their way.

“A Home for Wizards” is remarkably impressive as the attention of the novel focuses more on the 21 year old Sparo Watkins who, at this point in life, has yet to transform into a mystical beast – “the birthright of every wizard.”  Headley writes Sparo with the same care and as he did with Adam in “A Love Story…”  Making his way into the city, Sparo encounters the diversity that New York offers.  Through his every day encounters to the positively more fantastical, Headley has not lost his way with words, imbuing each page with a sense of relatability.  Sparo’s encounters begin to mirror our own just as much as Adam and Eva’s had in the first installment of the Spellcaster saga.  It’s this that serves as our invitation to openly join him along with everyone else on this latest adventure.

Almost halfway into “A Home for Wizards” finds Adam at home with his parents.  It may not be the most important section of the novel, but it stands out as it showcases just why readers should find Jaysen Headley so refreshing and talented.  In a staging of a scene that finds Adam with his parents, there’s an instantaneous realization that despite Headley’s creativity and imagination for fantasy, he’s a rather gifted and genuine storyteller.  If you were to strip away all forms of sorcery from “A Home for Wizards”, you’d still have just as engaging a story.  Headley understands how to write people and organic dialogue.  His situations never feel forced nor cliche.  It’s a rare talent and one not many tend to address when it comes to writers of a particular genre.  Author Michael Chabon once addressed that good writing is good writing and good authors are good authors in a way that would hopefully allow the reader to see past genre.  Jaysen Headley is this kind of author and with every page he consistently strikes a chord with the human experience.  I am not above mentioning how many times “A Home for Wizards” struck a chord with me and while I (thankfully) do not have parents like Adam’s, I certainly have friends and people I know like them and Diego!

Sitting down with Jaysen Headley’s “A Home for Wizards”, I was immediately reminded of just why I enjoyed “A Love Story for Witches” so much in the first place.  Jaysen Headley has, once again, worked his magic.

“A Home for Wizards” is out now and the official book launch is this Saturday, January 23rd at The Geekery in Astoria, New York.  You can order “A Home for Wizards” on or pick up a copy at The Geekery this Saturday.

“A Home for Wizards” gets five out of five broomsticks and incantations.

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Welcome Home. In the exciting sequel to A Love Story for Witches, the city of New York will change forever. Sparo Watkins is a young wizard who wants nothing more than to realize his full potential. In order to do so, he leaves his safe little home in the country and heads to the big apple to live in a house full of wizards. Of course, his timing couldn’t be worse. With a maniacal wizard overlord hell-bent on becoming immortal, and new friends who may not have his best interests at heart, Sparo will have to learn to believe in himself and accept who he is if he’s going to survive. Meanwhile saying “I love you” was just the beginning for Adam and Eva. When Adam proposes to Eva, things start to slip out of their control. Witches are being abducted and demons seem to be over-running the city. As the world around them becomes more dangerous, they’ll have to learn to accept each other’s flaws or lose everything they’ve fought for. Will witches and wizards learn to get along or is this the start of an earth-shattering war? Join Adam, Eva, Miyako, Sparo and a whole cast of new Spellcasters as they discover A Home for Wizards.

About the Author

Jaysen Headley was born in Colorado in 1988. He grew up near Denver and became accustomed to writing and telling stories, releasing his first graphic novel, The Class, in 2010. Since then he has published several short stories including The Chipmunk, as well as a second graphic novel, Jazu the Wanderer. In 2012, Jaysen moved to New York City where he was inspired to write his first novel, A Love Story for Witches. Jaysen lives in Queens with his fiancé, Carl, and his dog Izzy. They play board games while eating cookies and plan out how to have the most amazing adventures every single day.
  • Paperback: 514 pages
  • Publisher: Jaysen Headley; 1 edition (December 30, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0990828328
  • ISBN-13: 978-0990828327
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 1.3 x 8 inches
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