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Review – 215Ink presents “BEWARE… The Frogmen From Neptune!”


Words To Shock By MD Perkins
Images To Amaze By Will Perkins

I love science fiction. I have always loved science fiction. But I was born in 1970 and in the 70’s and 80’s sci-fi had already lost it’s sense of humor. Sure there were some funny books and movies but for the most part the fun, the innocence was lost. Even today most sci-fi is on the morose side and if it has a sense of humor it’s over the top.

The brothers Perkins have found a great balance with BEWARE… This first issue is funny, interesting, violent, with just enough campiness to make it work. It’s a 50’s science fiction story written for this second decade of the 21st century.

Welcome to Haven Hallows, the weirdest little town you’ve ever visited.  Haven Hallows has issues. Strange things keep happening. According to the Mayor it’s all coincidental just bad luck or has some yet undiscovered explanation. Even the top scientific minds in the Haven Hallows community say there’s nothing wrong.

If the Mayor and the Leaders of the Scientific Community are right then why are there FROGMEN INVADING THE TOWN!

This book is really well written, wonderfully drawn. The title and plot make you think this book will be silly but it’s not. Mike has really written an entertaining sci-fi story with believable characters who you actually care about. Even the frog men were believable, as believable as frogmen from Neptune can be.

Next issue is called Beware… FORMULA X! I can’t find any preview pages floating around so here are some pages from the current issue to whet your appetite.

I know what you’re thinking, this book looks really good and sounds awesome. Where do I pick it up????

First and foremost call your local comic shop! Ask them to order it for you, if they don’t know how direct them to Liber Comic Distro. Want to purchase it yourself, you’ve got a couple of options… WOWIO offers PDF downloads with NO DRM. You are free to do what you want with your purchase. is the cutting-edge entertainment digital content delivery system and community platform.

@215 Ink’s stuff is also available on Cloud 9 Comix: Preview and download our 215 Ink comics by downloading the Cloud 9 iPad app from iTunes: Click here to launch the iTunes store.

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