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Retrovirus Hardcover Giveaway!


One of the perks of reviewing comics, you wind up with a lot of books! One of the books I happen to have an extra copy of is the Retrovirus hard cover edition.Retrovirus-cvr-full

It’s still sealed in plastic, never been opened. Ha Ha very funny, what’s Retrovirus, you’ve never heard of.. Wait WHAT?! You’ve never heard of Retrovirus?!??!

Zoe Wallace, a brilliant (and gorgeous) young scientist who specializes in the classification and identification of retroviruses gets a job offer from a big pharmaceutical company her first instinct is to say no. The fact that the job is at a remote research facility in Antarctica just makes it less appealing. But after just one look at the infected cells in question and she knows this job will be hard to walk away from. click here to find out more

This was a great book, one I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend (Luckily have a copy of from myself). So what do you do with something so cool? You give it away!

So here’s what I’m going to do we’ll do a twitter contest, everyone who tweets this tweet

I just entered to win a hardcover copy of  and ‘s Retrovirus from !

is entered to win.

The contest will close on Thursday May 9th at 8 pm (EST) and the winner will be chosen at random, then contacted (via twitter) for their mailing address (the winner must reside in the continental United States, sorry shipping costs suck). After the winner has been contacted and their info is received, the contest will be declared over and the winner will be announced on twitter (and Facebook).

This is our first give away, we have a bunch of stuff lying around that we’ve gotten from conventions, publishers, artists, you never know. Help us spread the word!


Go to find this post and share it,

So, due to some very reasonable requests we’ve opened the contest up to facebook as well. Share this post, And that’s it! Share it on your page and you might just win!

Yup that’s it, find the post on facebook and share it or tweet the suggested tweet above and maybe you’ll win!

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