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Retropunk: A Throwback to 80s Adventures in All the Best Ways


A female bounty hunter with cat ears and a tail, a pop star on the run, a robot protector/sidekick and flying cars? I am so in. Retropunk hits all my kinks and keeps going from there.

Retropunk: A Throwback to 80s Adventures in All the Best WaysThe publisher describes Retropunk as this:

“Beneath the warm neon and cold steel of Pacific City, a pair of low-rent bounty hunters have been approached with a simple deal: Help a girl run away, and get a small fortune in return.
However, simple becomes complicated when the girl in question is the number one idol of the number one record company in the world. A company willing to use any means necessary to retrieve its property.
They say that curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it may be greed…”
Retropunk is a throwback to older cyberpunk stories from the 80s, with art strongly inspired by the animation and comics coming out of japan in the 90s, and a visual flair that takes more than a little from American Art Deco. It’s a story of catgirls, flying cars, and kung fu fights, but more importantly it’s a story about the value of a human life.


The book definitely has an 80s vibe which I just adored. Muffy is a bit of a mess as a bounty hunter but what she lacks in skill she makes up for in enthusiasm. And Vern is always there to catch her when she falls. When pop star Lilith comes to them for help it’s a bit out of their wheelhouse but they do their best. Which means a lot of fun for us as readers. I loved all the characters. The writing was just right for an action adventure story with a lot of heart. The art had hooked me from the start. It depicts Muffy’s world like an 80s sci-fi film, something reminiscent of world of The Fifth Element.

I’m giving Muffy 5 out of 5 stars. There was not a panel of this book I didn’t enjoy. It left me wanting to see more of Vern and Muffy’s adventures.

Retropunk is written by James Surdez and Matthew Ritter, the art is done by Jhomar Sorian, the book is being published through Markosia Enterprises Ltd. The graphic novel is out for sale right now on amazon and on the publisher’s website.

Here’s a peek inside:

image01 image05

image06 image07

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