ReincarNate is on ComXology! Go Get IT! ~ What'cha Reading?

ReincarNate is on ComXology! Go Get IT!


So, ReincarNate is on ComXology! They’re releasing issue 3 this week, but issues 1 and 2 are still available at a dollar a piece. What’s ReincarNate you ask?

ReincarNate is on ComXology! Go Get IT!

Missed my previous review? Well let’s catch up.

ReincarNate is the story of Nate McCoy, a private detective who after a near death experience has the unique ability see and interact with past incarnations of himself. With the help of two of these rather colorful characters he sinks deeper into his latest case. The disappearance of Tatiana Kraschen.

The plot is fairly straight-forward (at least on the surface), Ex-cop that isn’t welcome as a P.I., a beautiful woman, a crime with multiple twists and turns. What set this book apart for me? Nate and his current situation are fairly unique. Is he crazy? Seeing visions? Is what he perceives really happening? Will his “visitors” help him? Or get him killed? Along with that was the refreshing lack of hackneyed noir-esque dialogue. I love Dashiell Hammett, I dig Mickey Spillane, I can’t take authors who try to cram that dialogue into the mouths of characters born 70 years after that era. Thankfully Moreci doesn’t do that, he characters (even the etheral ones) speak in the voices you’d expect and those voices are witty and human.

The art from Keith Burns, (Arcana’s Spy School, Dynamite’s Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights), with colors by Jack Davies (IDW’s Skybreaker) pulls the story along at a good pace, with interesting layouts that help keep you following this well plotted noir adventure.

Check out some pages:

Reincar(Nate)01 Reincar(Nate)02 Reincar(Nate)03

It’s a solid mini-series that only suffers from a lack of a next chapter in Nate’s story. This mini is a good self contained adventure but there’s a lot of territory here to cover. I hope if Mr Moreci gets the time he revisits these characters, I’m sure he has other adventures in mind. ReincarNate gets a 4 out of 5 past life visitations! You can pick ReincarNate up at Comixology today! Here’s the link.

ReincarNATE #3
Cover by Keith Burns
Art by Keith Burns
Written by Michael Moreci
Lettered by Jim Campbell
Colored by Jack Davies

P.I. Nate McCoy is determined to avoid the long sleep. After dodging a bullet (literally), Nate, Jameson, and Alan pursue the assassin. The chase leads them to discover the truth behind Tatiana’s kidnapping and a plot deeper than they could’ve ever imagined.

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