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Reincar(Nate) from Challenger Comics, Michael Moreci and Keith Burns


So this one sat in my inbox for a while, I’m not proud of that. I know very well that Michael Moreci is uber-talented, lord knows I’ve written enough on this site about Hoax Hunters haven’t I? This time he’s teamed up with Keith Burns, an artist I was unfamiliar with, whose style works so well in this book I couldn’t imagine another artist doing it justice. He has a muted, pastel feel that the jpg’s in this article don’t do justice. I can’t wait till I can upgrade this site and post tiff’s!
Let’s get something straight right at the outset, this ain’t Hoax Hunters folks!

This is a hard-boiled mystery, a sci-fi noir tale with a detective story’s soul.

We meet Nate, like all good detectives, at a crime scene. In the tradition of the classic detective novels he’s somewhere he’s no longer welcome investigating something everyone thinks he should leave alone. Then we’ve got the beautiful dame, in this case she’s a cop, Autumn who our hero definitely has some history with, what kind of history remains a mystery. We’ve got the big loud obnoxious cop who busts the hero’s chops mercilessly. Then we have the crime, a missing girl, people dying, our man convinced the perpetrator is his old nemesis.

Hey wait just a second this sounds pretty standard, a little formulaic if you will. Yes it does. And it works beautifully. It works so well in fact I didn’t see the twist coming until it was spelled out for me. I’m not into spoilers so let’s just leave it at this, after a particularly brutal attack Nate finds he now has some very interesting “help”. The kind of help that may mean more harm than good.

This is an action packed comic with some beautiful art, but the story and the dialogue certainly don’t suffer for it…

spacer(small) Reincar(Nate) from Challenger Comics, Michael Moreci and Keith Burns spacer(small) ReincarNate_02_Lett_021

I originally read this story as a 13 page preview, halfway through I was hooked. So hooked in fact I went and bought the issue one and two bundle (buy both here for $1.99) and devoured them. Oh if you follow the link above you’ll also find the free preview I mentioned. Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed.

Me? I’m going to get issue #3, it’s on sale now at Challenger Comics.

Here’s two pages from issue #3, c’mon you know you want to read this book!

spacer(small) ReincarNate_03_Lett_001 spacer(small) ReincarNate_03_Lett_002

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