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Red Stylo Bursts into Diamond with The Unprofessionals!


I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book granted I didn’t have much to go on, a blurb and a cover image that was about it. So when Red Stylo sent out a press release saying it would appear in April Previews I immediately shot an email back asking for a preview copy, they hadn’t steered me wrong yet.

I’m glad I did.


Billed as a “Sociopathic Bromance” it’s a fast-paced and funny story of two friends venturing into the world of murder for hire. Leo the wanna be Ninja in training and Jake the normal (?) one. Leo is convinced that not only should they become the greatest ninja assassins the world has ever known, they’ll be complete naturals. Not to mention impossible to catch. Sounds like a recipe for a comedy. Fear not gentle reader there’s violence, drama, intelligent witty banter, all the things we comic fans look for in a book about teens committing murder for hire!

Their journey to pro assassins won’t be easy. As creators Colin Rankine and Alexis Cruz explain it “Everyone says you should follow your dreams, but when your dream is to be an awesome ninja assassin, you can get in a lot of trouble.” Rival hitmen, police investigations, a jealous bitchy friend, all this and more conspire to end our heroes career before it even gets off the ground!

The story is sick and fun but what about the art? Check out these pencils by Chris Moreno that I liberated from The Unprofessionals blog,

Leo n Jake02




After posting the review I received these pages from Enrica Jang @ Red Stylo! Thanks Erica!

Preview Short_Page_5

Preview Short_Page_6

Preview Short_Page_7

The product of a successful kickstarter campaign in December of 2011 now being published by up and coming Red Stylo Media there are several ways to get your grubby little hands on chapter one. The very best way is to pre-order from your local comic shop. The Unprofessionals will be listed in April’s Previews catalog, the order code is APR131222. It features a new cover (seen above) by comics legend Bill Sienkiewicz!

Oh Red Stylo has a cool order form you can use at your local shop, get it here

The Unprofessionals
Created by Alexis Cruz and Colin Rankine
Story by Colin Rankine
Art by Chris Moreno
Color by Kate Glasheen
Letters by Troy Peteri

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