Red Sonja Vulture's Circle Trade - In Stores 1/6/2015 ~ What'cha Reading?

Red Sonja Vulture’s Circle Trade – In Stores 1/6/2015

Red Sonja Vulture's Circle Trade - In Stores 1/6/2015Red Sonja Vulture’s Circle Trade – In Stores 1/6/2015:
Dynamite has a few great trades coming out this week and this is definitely one of them. Red Sonja Vulture’s Circle was a departure from the Red Sonja series we’d seen before. She’s retired, “turned away from the warrior’s lifestyle of bloodshed and vengeance”, except for the fact that she’s the headmistress of an academy for sword maidens. So of course when Sutekh, the son of the ancient god Set, begins to attack the kingdoms Sonja knows she must face him. Will she, with the aid of her prized pupils, be able to defeat this winged reptilian demigod, who’s able to draw human souls out of his victim’s bodies?
When the series premiered in January 2015 Rosemary Kiladitas remarked:
“It’s a different Sonja we see here – she’s older, but still vulnerable, haunted by memories, but content in her surroundings. Seeing her with streaks of grey in her trademark red hair, with a shirt and breeches and not her trademark chain-mail sets the tone for a new Sonja in this miniseries. Because Red Sonja I never just about the main storyline – it’s about Sonja, coping with the horrors of her past, the vulnerabilities that she tries to cover up, but that make her even more heroic, and the determination to save innocents from horror. I’m looking forward to seeing how a more mature Sonja not only handles herself in the upcoming series, but how she shepherds her charges.”
Check out the rest of her review of issue one here. And read on to see a 12 page preview!
writers: Nancy A. Collins, Luke Lieberman
artist: Fritz Casas
cover: Jay Anacleto
FC • 136 pages • $17.99 • Teen+ 
Collects Issues 1-5

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