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Red Sonja Goes Manga with Red Sonja and Cub


Better late than never, I’m here with my Red Sonja rundown. This week, we had the one-shot, Red Sonja and Cub, by Jim Zub, art by Jonathan Lau. The story follows Red Sonja as she shepherds a young girl safely through hostile territory, to Fuyu Castle, where she will be married and thus end years of bloodshed.

Red Sonja Goes Manga with Red Sonja and Cub

The art is gorgeous. The colors are vibrant, the fight scenes are dynamic, and I love the way Lau draws Red Sonja. She’s a tower of strength, she’s powerful, and yet, she is gentle with Kazuko, the child in her care. It’s all communicated right here, and it’s drawn beautifully.

I love the story. It’s not Sonja’s usual mercenary wandering; she is concerned for a child’s welfare and refuses to leave her side until the wedding is seen through – just in case. There’s none of the usual banter I’ve come to know and love with Sonja, but as always, there’s a new facet to Red’s character that makes me enjoy her more and more.

Red Sonja and Cub hit shelves last week, but they should still be at your local comic book store. Pick this one up! Solid 5 out of 5.

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Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Jonathan Lau
Cover Artist: Jeffrey Chamba Cruz
Price: $4.99
Publisher: Dynamite/’On-Sale: April 2, 2014
Diamond ID: FEB141190

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