Red Sonja continues her quest for artisans in Red Sonja #8 ~ What'cha Reading?

Red Sonja continues her quest for artisans in Red Sonja #8


Poor Red Sonja can’t get no love – no, seriously – my girl Sonja is looking for love, and that whole “I can’t lay with a man until he bests me in combat” thing doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore. Can we please get a crossover happening where either Conan or Claw can come back and give Red Sonja a little challenge?

Red Sonja continues her quest for artisans in Red Sonja #8

In Red Sonja #8, Sonja and the Gribaldi – the chef we met in the last issue – are in search of the finest artisans, on request of a dying emperor. The lives of a thousand slaves lie in the balance; the emperor has promised their freedom if she completes her task. And Gribaldi is driving her NUTS. He just won’t shut up about food, and Sonja has other… things on her mind.

They find the next artisan, who happens to be a cruel performer who tortures animals for enjoyment. Red Sonja has come across this Kalayah the Magnificent before, and sworn to kill him, which puts her at odds with her directive, and the lives of a thousand people counting on her. What’s she going to do? Go get the book and find out, it came out last week! It’s comic book day, you should be heading to the comic store anyway!

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Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Geovani
Cover Artist: Jenny Frison
Publisher: Dynamite
Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: DEC131048

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