Red Sonja #4 - A continuation of origin, and a build-up to a huge battle. ~ What'cha Reading?

Red Sonja #4 – A continuation of origin, and a build-up to a huge battle.


When Red Sonja left off last month, it wasn’t looking good for Sonja, who was sick with the plague and alone in the woods. I didn’t really think Dynamite would bring the new book to an end after 3 issues, but still – nerve-wracking!


This issue pushes the envelope just a bit further, delving still deeper into Sonja’s origin; this time, her more recent period as a slave, forced to fight for her life in an arena. We also get a glimpse into her relationship with Annisia, her fellow prisoner and “sister”; the one who taught her to fight, and the one who has led an enemy army to the people Red Sonja promised to protect. There’s a bit of flashback and a build-up to what promises to be a great battle – to tell any more would be giving away too much, but suffice to say, this issue is unputdownable.

Yes, I know I’m a Simone fangirl – like that’s a bad thing? – but her writing is just that good. I love her Sonja – she’s got depth, she broods about the events that led her to a place in the woods where she’s trying to dig her own grave, and then – just like that – she wants to get drunk and sleep it off. She forms complex relationships between her heroine and her antagonist, and she gives both Sonja and Annisia back-up characters that are memorable in their own rights.

I thoroughly enjoy Walter Geovani’s art, too. He’s got great perspective, whether he’s giving us a towering Annisia on horseback or a blind, clearly irritated Sonja, lashing out at enemies crazy enough to think they can fall upon her and her party (note: if someone known as “The Devil” wants to die in peace, let her do it).

I love where this next issue is going, I just can’t wait for it to get there. 4/5!

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: Walter Geovani
Cover Artist: Jenny Frison
Price $3.99
Publisher: Dynamite
Pub Date: Oct. 9, 2013
Diamond ID: AUG131171

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