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Red Light Properties #0: The Freebie


Red Light Properties #0: The FreebieWhen buying a house or apartment, there are a number of things to watch out for, mold hiding in the walls and basement, termites eating away at the foundation and oh yes, ghosts. There’s no place on the disclosure forms to check off saying a house is clean of spirit infestation. Here comes Red Light Properties to fill that void.

Jude Tobin is a psychic and along with his wife, Cecilia Matos-Tobin, makes his living cleaning homes of their deceased previous occupants. Jude handles the cleaning and then Cecilia works on the selling aspect. They have a full service business, including a spectral photographer and a loan agent. The also have a young son.

In issue #0, the Tobin’s are heading to clean out the home a young woman was left by her parents. It appears they died by a double hanging. As Jude walks into the house he can see them hanging there in their final moments. This is definitely why he drinks.

It’s an interesting premise for a comic. I’m sure there’s endless ghost stories once can tell in this manner. Plus the challenge of actually getting the spirits to leave could be interesting. I was not enamored of the characters, however. They’ve obviously seen better days, and in fact have probably seen too much in the business they’re in. They seem bitter and argumentative with each other. This all make sense in terms of the story but it turned me off. I didn’t care about them. I imagine the ghost are the main focus of the stories but in this issue we just go a glimpse of them. I’d be curious to read a full arc to see how it plays out.

I’m giving Red Light Properties #0 – 2 out of 5 stars. It may be the shortened nature of the zero issue so I may revisit other stories but for now I was unimpressed.

Red Light Properties #0: The Freebie
Writer/Art: Dan Goldman
Price: Free
Pages: 15
Rating: 17+

THE FIRST TASTE IS ALWAYS FREE! Welcome to the world of Jude & Cecilia Tobin, exorcist/realtors who clear haunted houses of spirits with their team of shabby paranormal experts… and sell them at below-market prices even YOUR BROKE ASS can afford!

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