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Red Hot Rebellion – Comic & Soundtrack – Totally Badass!


We get a ton of “can you post my kickstarter” emails around here. Way more than we can ever truly cover. The standard response is usually “we’ll take a look at the project” and a sincere “thanks for reaching out”. We love that folks ask us to get involved in helping them make comics, it’s why we do what we do. To say that we have an ironclad checklist we follow when deciding which project we should promote would be unfair. As everyone knows for every rule in life there seems to be an acception. But that’s a post for another time, right now I want to tell you about Red Hot Rebellion!

RHR-Animated LogoBilling themselves as “The Second Best Band In The Galaxy” their sound is classic metal, Motorhead, AC/DC, Danzig, Quiet Riot, it’s driving guitars, pounding drums, and raw lyrics. And there’s a comic book that goes with it! This isn’t the bands first shot and merging images and music though their self-titled first album is available on vinyl, as a CD, a digital download, and a motion comic!

So this time there taking the plunge, a 28 page comic with a 13 song album that go together hand in glove. Here’s the pitch:

In all the universe, only a handful of sentient worlds create music, let alone the most evolved form of music: rock ‘n’ roll. Earth was on track to be admitted into the Galactic Union, but somewhere along the line its rock ‘n’ roll turned weak. RED HOT REBELLION, the second best band in the galaxy, has been sent to Earth in order to steer humanity back on its proper path. But it looks like they’ve hit a few snags…

RHR II Comic Page 01

So, the art looks cool, the music is loud and obnoxious (just how I like it!), what else is there to say… Oh maybe the details on where to get it…

WRITTEN BY Jim Tramontana
PENCILED BY Chris Martin
COLORED BY Julie Wright
28-page Comic Book and 13-song Long Play Album
Web –
Email –

There are more images and longer description and sample songs from the new album at the kickstarter. The kickstarter which is going on NOW! They’ve got some cool rewards. Get there and get rockin’!

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