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Review – Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 & #2 – Scott Lobell (Writer) Kenneth Rocafort (Art)


Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 & #2 – Scott Lobell (Writer) Kenneth Rocafort (Art)

I didn’t know Jason Todd. His tenure as Robin was during my Marvel phase, I could really only afford one or two books a month and they tended to be X-books. So last year when Batman and Robin #23 introduced him to me I was hooked. C’mon Batman’s failure? The one he couldn’t protect? A vigilante? A psychotic vigilante at that! What’s better than this….

Jump ahead to New 52, Jason Todd gets his own series co-starring Roy Harper (Green Arrows ex-sidekick) and Starfire (powerful alien). After Jason assembles the team, liberating Harper prison and introducing him to Starfire, he gets a visit from a mysterious old friend who fills him in on the fate of some other old friends he has reason to care about. Which of course sends us off on the get revenge for my old friends storyline, which brings us to Issue #2.

Issue #2 treats us to lots of back-story not a lot of action. Both issues are really well written and beautifully drawn. My only complaint would be that Jason is a lot more together than before, not as crazy. I guess they needed to calm him down a little for the book to do well?

There seems to be a lot of controversy over this book, it mostly centers around Starfire. Seems her character used to be a very innocent sweet individual and now is a over-sexed darker quieter alien warrior type. Several people at comic con cited this as the main example of how DC went wrong with the New 52. I think that’s kinda funny, Roy and Jason kill about 40 people in the first issue but people are concerned that Starfire sleeps around.

This is a book that will stay on my pull list for now, it has a lot of potential. We’ll have to see what kind of stories Scott Lobdell brings to the table. I hope it’s a fun ride!

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