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Rebirth of DC Comics?


Is this the Rebirth of DC Comics? Last year, DC Comics launched “Convergence” which was the storyline to end all storylines.  It brought the entire DC Universe together in one big event which in turn launched a re-brand of DC Comics called DC You.  Unfortunately, it did not bring in the numbers DC had hoped for.  Knowing that, DC Comics is due to schedule another reset of all series to issue #1 starting in June.

Rebirth of DC Comics?

DC Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee tweeted an image of a curtain with “Rebirth” projected across it in lights.  Along with re-starting all of its series, they will focus more around the DCEU’s movie and TV show titles and some will run bi-weekly.  The Batman line has seen a big change already with Scott Snyder stepping down as writer and jumping to the Detective line.  That alone is something fans will be thinking about when the re-launch takes effect.

It makes sense from a business point-of-view that DC would re-brand again to tie in to its movie and television titles which are making huge amounts of money for the company.  In the age of digital reading, creativity must be used to keep paper books and comic in the hands of readers and what better way to do it than by building off of what has been making the most money.  We will have to wait until June to find out how this works but in the meantime, DC has plenty of titles to be read and movies fans cannot wait to see.

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