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Ready For Christmas? How about a Lego Christmas!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Lego Christmas!

Deck the Halls with boughs of holly! Fa la la la la la la la la. Yeesh. Not yet. Please? Yup. Summer is ending and the holidays are almost upon us, so let’s look at the The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book!

Clocking in at a solid 220 pages the The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book has 15 designs ranging from holiday classics like a wreath, poinsettia, snowflake to some more offbeat ornaments including arcade games and a burger. What I found most impressive were the simple geometric designs, like the bow, the ball, or the frill, that called back to the classic Christmas decorations of the past.

The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book

Are you a Lego fanatic?

If so this book is definitely for you. The designs get more complex and the part’s lists get longer as you progress through the book. Though they never get too extreme. For review purposes my kids and I decided to try to build a few using our existing Lego collection. We have a very, very large Lego collection.

We went with the poinsettia, the wreath, and the snowflake. These three are definitely the simplest designs to put together, but as any Lego builder knows you can’t build until you source the parts. That turned out to be quite an issue. Take the wreath for example.


click to enlarge

The design calls for a mere 23 parts, mostly green Plate 2×2 Rounds (part #403238) which I was surprised to find out we had all 15 necessary. Though when we were done we were missing the red Hinged Plate 1×2 (part #74320) and the two Roof Tile 1x1x2/3 (part #4504379) that serve as the bow. I know we have them but for the life of me I couldn’t find them. Ours came out nice though, I had to substitute a white hinged plate and roof tiles for the red. I know I’ll find the parts to make it perfect before Christmas.

Heck we were only sourcing parts for the 3 designs we choose for about… 3 hours.

I am NOT searching through Lego for 3 HOURS!

All right there sparky don’t get all crazy. There are other ways to get it done. I took my parts search to’s pick-a-brick site.  If you haven’t been there yet don’t get too excited. It isn’t perfect but it’s workable. After about 30 minutes of digging through the offerings there I was able to come up with carts for each of the chosen projects.

OurWreath BrickBagWreath

So you can build the wreath, the poinsettia, or the snowflake (not pictured here) for a little over $2.00 a piece (with one modification for the wreath.) Shipping is always $4.95 and tax is calculated by zip code so buying enough pieces to do more than one is your best bet. (Pictured below from left to right: shopping cart for the Poinsettia, our completed Poinsettia, and the shopping cart for the snowflake.)

Brick Bag Poinsettia OurPoinsettia Brick Bag Snowflake

One thing you may notice that’s missing from our carts is the “String with End Studs”. Though it is Lego and I have a few lying around I was unable to locate it for purchase on the Lego site. I did find more than a few on sale online.

So, is it worth the trouble?

Lego Christmas ornaments are exactly what Lego fanatics like myself and my kids love. Sure it takes research, and tenacity to source all the parts but that’s part of the fun. It wouldn’t really be a hobby with out some drama right? The book itself is excellent, author, illustrator, photographer, and Lego builder Chris Mcveigh gives a brief introduction and then the rest of the book is just step by step visual instruction. The 15 designs range from beginner to moderate in difficulty and the finished products are definitely sturdy enough to hang as an ornaments. This is a Lego lover must buy.


The LEGO Christmas Ornaments Book will be available from No Starch Press for $19.95 in September of 2016. You can order it from the No Starch Press website and each order comes with an ebook version. You can also order the it from for a little less than cover price but you lose out on the ebook.

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