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Are You Ready To Fight Like A Girl?


Action Lab, home of all-ages girl-power titles like Princeless, Vamplets, and Molly Danger, has a message for teens: FIGHT LIKE A GIRL.

Are You Ready To Fight Like A Girl?

Amarosa is a girl with a dying brother. There’s only one thing left for her to do: she stands before a jury of gods from across the pantheons (I saw Loki, Apollo, and Mercury, to name a few) and asks to risk her life to gain entry to the Wishing Well, where she has to fight and survive nine different trials to get her wish – to save her brother’s life. Will the gods grant her wish, or will they strike her down for hubris? There’s only one way to find out!

I got a kick out of this book. I love the title, and I like the overall story concept. I appreciate that Action Lab gives readers strong, multicultural female characters – they make my job as an urban children’s and teen librarian easier! – that come from all sorts of backgrounds and with all kinds of back stories. The art is straightforward comic art with a dose of fantasy in the middle of a realistic tale.

This is a great title for teen girls (and guys!), but parents of younger kids may want to let them hold onto Princeless or Skyward instead – we’ve got a bit of language and violence here that may make some parents uncomfortable.

Fight Like a Girl hits stands on November  26th. Call your local comic shop and get this title on your pull list now!

Writer: David Pinckney
Artist: Soo Lee
Publisher: Action Lab
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: November 26, 2014
Diamond ID: SEP140952


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