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Rat Queens : Braga #1 – About Far More Than Gender Roles


Rat Queens : Braga #1 - About Far More Than Gender RolesWe love Rat Queens here at What’cha Reading. Along with everyone else we were concerned with the controversy surrounding Roc Upchurch and how it would effect our beloved comic. Especially since its depiction of female empowerment is so at odds with the domestic abuse charges being leveled at Upchurch. Thankfully we needn’t have feared. Rat Queens will have Stjepan Sejic, of Sunstone fame, doing the artist duties for issues 9-11, but first up we have the Braga Special drawn by Tess Fowler, out today.

What’cha Reading’s in house Rat Queen crew discussed the brilliance of this issue at length when we first got our hands on the preview. Its depiction of transgender character, Braga, hits all the right notes and clearly depicts that a person is far more than their gender and being true to who you are is far more important than trying to live up to someone else’s vision of who you should be.

Rat Queens: Braga #1 gets 5 out of 5 stars. The art is amazing, the writing is brilliant and its message is one we all need to be reminded of in so many different aspects of our lives.

Here’s a peek inside:

RatQueensSpecial_Page1 RatQueensSpecial_Page2 RatQueensSpecial_Page3

RatQueensSpecial_Page4-5 RatQueensSpecial_Page6

Rat Queens Special #1

Writer: Wiebe, Kurtis J.
Artist: Fowler, Tess
Cover Artist: Upchurch, Roc
Publisher: Image
On Sale: January 14, 2015
Price: $3.50
Product ID: NOV140672

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