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Rapid City: Below Zero – Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Rapid City: Below Zero is an indie comic from writer Josh Dahl, drawn by Shawn Langley, with tattoo artist (and educator) Micah Faulkner on cover art. By the way, the phrase, “tattoo artist and educator” is so incredibly awesome and badass, I can’t even. You know we love our indies here at WhatchaReading, so I was happy to get a look at this issue. The book is available both digitally and in print.

rapid city

The story follows a young woman named Stephanie – code name Icicle – who becomes a supervillain. Issue 1 is sort of her origin story, with bits of her back story as a child, through to some time spent in juvie, to her meeting up with the crowd she’s in deep with at the start of the book. She and her super-powered team are working with a guy named Coil to steal a crown. Coil betrays them, Icicle’s boyfriend is killed, and she and her team member, Claw Hammer – the only two survivors – want revenge.

I liked this book. There’s a good story waiting to unfold here, and who doesn’t love a good revenge tale? This is going to be a 12-part series, with plenty of time to build a tight story. Josh Dahl is an educator who has spent years working with juvenile delinquents, which will provide an interesting depth, I think, to these characters, their motivations, and their actions.

Give Rapid City: Below Zero a shot. You can order the issue on their website for $3, plus shipping, or find them during one of their appearances. Josh will be at Boston Comic Con on August 8-10 (so we’ll have to run over and say hi) and the Granite State Comic Con on September 13-14.

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