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Puss in Boots #1 – The Continuing Adventures of a Legend!

Puss in Boots #1 - The Continuing Adventures of a Legend!
Puss in Boots comes to comics in a very big way. The town of San Lorenzo is fed up with Puss’ layabout ways and mooching habits but he has vowed to protect the wonderful little town. What are the townspeople to do? Banish him of course! Puss vows to earn the money needed to pay his debts and return to protect the town he loves. But how? Why not hire on to go out to sea? What could go wrong! Puss will be victorious of that we can be sure but the hijinks that he’ll get involved in will make the read worthwhile.
The art is solid and the pace is quick, my only problem is with the character himself (itself?) Puss is wonderful on film his accent and turn of phrase are perfect but in comic form the language is a little on the complicated side for the young comic book reader. That’s not always a problem, if the book brings the reader along, filling out the dialog with imagery that helps to give context then kids will learn or at least not be alienated by it. This character just rambles through phrases that the average second grader will just skip.
If you have an older grader school child who loves these characters this comic is a must but with the younger ones be prepared to either read it to them or find out they skimmed it for the pretty pictures and may read along when they’re older.
Puss in Boots #1
Writers: Chris Cooper and Max Davison
Artist: Dave Alvarez and Egle Bartolini
Colorist: Mateus Lopes
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC – $3.99 – On Sale: April 20
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