Princess Ugg #6 - Ulga Under Fire! - In Stores December 10th! ~ What'cha Reading?

Princess Ugg #6 – Ulga Under Fire! – In Stores December 10th!


When we last left our warrior princess, she and a group of fellow students at her finishing school were attacked en route to a field trip. These guys have NO idea who they’re messing with, do they?

Princess Ugg #6 - Ulga Under Fire! - In Stores December 10th!

Here, we get to see Ülga do what she does best – fight. Defend. And maybe, just maybe, we see some growth both from her fellow princesses (well… most of them), and in Ülga herself. She recalls a conversation with her mother that makes her think, truly think, about so-called civilization and her role in it – for better or for worse.

I can’t say enough great things about this book and its importance, along with books like Princeless and Fight Like a Girl, to impressionable young girls. You want to be a Pretty Pretty Princess? Go for it – but be STRONG. Be Merida. Be Mulan. Be Ülga. Learn how to speak for yourself, learn how to defend yourself – and that’s not just done holding a weapon – and most important of all, as Ülga’s badass warrior mother taught her, respect yourself. These are the kinds of books our girls – and our boys – need to be reading.

Ugg #6 hits shelves this Wednesday, 12/10. Make sure it’s in your pull file!

Writer: Ted Naifeh
Artist: Ted Naifeh
Publisher: Oni Press
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: December 10, 2014
Diamond ID: OCT141575

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