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Princess Ugg #2 – The Barbarian and the Mean Girls Face Off!


I LOVE this book. I really, really do. This should be on the reading list for every tween girl, right after she finishes Princeless. Ülga of Grimmeria is a warrior princess who finds herself attending a princess finishing school as a promise to her mother. Finding herself surrounded by girly girl, mean girl princesses, Ülga has her real battle in front of her.

Princess Ugg #2 - The Barbarian and the Mean Girls Face Off!

The second issue picks up where the first issue left off. Ülga is still not fitting in, and the mean girls are getting meaner. They make fun of her muscles, her snoring, just about everything she says or does. When they’re in history class, though, Ülga shines – she’s the only one who has any sort of an understanding of history, and shows up her classmates. They HATE it. So when she stumbles in her penmanship, never having had to write before, the mean girls attack, bringing Ülga to tears. But does she have a potential ally at the school? You have to read it and find out for yourself!

Ted Naifeh has a winner with this book. If you haven’t added it to your pull list, and you appreciate warrior women, then you’re missing out. This book needs to be put into the hands of growing girls everywhere – even the mean girls. Let’s just sit tight and wait for a trade, so I can get it on the shelves at my library!

Issue 2 hit stands last Wednesday, so when you pick up  your books this week, make sure to ask for your copy! Four out of five wooly mammoths!

Princess Ugg #2 - Page 1 Princess Ugg #2 - Page 2 Princess Ugg #2 - Page 3

Princess Ugg #2 - Page 4 Princess Ugg #2 - Page 5 Princess Ugg #2 - Page 6

Princess Ugg #2 - Page 7 Princess Ugg #2 - Page 8

Writer: Ted Naifeh
Artist: Ted Naifeh
Publisher: Oni Press
Price $3.99
On Sale: July 16, 2014
UPC: 64985600044600211

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