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Princeless Hard Cover Edition – An Important, and Truly Great Comic


Princeless Hard Cover Edition - An Important, and Truly Great ComicPrinceless is one of the most talked about books on What’cha Reading. In 2011 this comic burst onto the scene with one of the first truly “strong female characters.” Princess Adrienne is a precocious youth constantly questioning the fairy tales told by her mother. Princesses locked in towers? Protected by dragons? Waiting for rescue by a prince? It just sounds absurd and wrong to young Adrienne. So of course when she turns 16, and winds up locked in a tower by her parents, waiting for a prince, she is none too pleased. But instead of just sitting there waiting for fate to unfold in front of her she takes her destiny in her own hands and forms a plan to escape.

That story alone would be worth the price of admission but Jeremy Whitley goes the extra step, following with Adrienne’s journey to save all the princesses she can find, freeing them from waiting for princes. Can she do it? Will they want her too?

All the artists who have worked on Princeless delivered, the style and unique characterizations though I attribute to M. Goodwin, Mia set the bar pretty high with that first book though artist chosen since have continued to keep this book a consistent must read.

This new hard cover edition has the first volume (issues 1 – 4) and has Jim Zub’s Princeless/Skullkickers crossover, as well as the first two Princeless short story collections including work by Jules Rivera, Quinn Larsen, Kelly Lawrence, and Nancy King.

To say I enjoyed this series is an understatement. So many people have enjoyed, talked about, and taken inspiration from Princeless. Nominated for two Eisner Awards and five Glyph Awards it is definitely one of those rare books that will go down in history as an “important” comic. And it’s totally deserved.

In stores on January 27, get yours from your local comic shop, or (pre) order it through

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley

Artist Name(s): M. Goodwin, Jules Rivera, Quinn Larsen, Kelly Lawrence, Nancy King
Cover Artist(s): M. Goodwin
168 pgs. / Rated. E / FC / $24.99

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