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PREVIEWS/Icons Presents Captain Kirk Bookend!



Happy birthday, Star Trek!  Today is the 49th birthday of one of the most cherished of science-fiction franchises.  Little did Mr. Gene Roddenberry know that when he created Star Trek that it would go on to spawn The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and an animated and live-action film series that is still ongoing to this day.  If there is one series that has merchandise and collectibles of all kinds, it’s definitely Star Trek.  With the 49th birthday of the original series, Diamond Comics has something very special for fans and Trekkers (not Trekkies)!

One of What’cha Reading’s favorite companies, Icon Heroes, will be offering a Captain James T. Kirk bookend as a PREVIEWS exclusive in the September edition.


The bookend statue measures 10″ tall and is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.  At only $135, Icon Heroes bookend statue is the perfect addition to any fans collection of Captain Kirk, William Shatner, and/or Star Trek.

I must add that while I grew up with Star Trek, I was introduced to Starfleet and the voyages of the Starship Enterprise through The Next Generation.  However, over the years I’ve gone back and seen every episode of The Original Series three seasons, along with the animated series that followed afterwards.  Captain Kirk is my favorite captain and I could not be more hopeful to see Mr. William Shatner reprise his role in some form within next year’s Star Trek Beyond. 

In the meantime, the Icon Heroes Captain Kirk bookend looks beautiful and, once again, is a perfect collectible to showcase the amount of detail they put into their collectibles.  I will be very excited to see Icon’s Captain Kirk PREVIEWS exclusive in person.  If you are too, Captain Kirk becomes available in early January and can be specially ordered through your local comic shop with this item code – SEP152602.

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