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Preview/Review – Wynter #1 from New Worlds Comics


Preview/Review - Wynter #1 from New Worlds Comics
Wynter_1_Page_1You know how every generation tears down the one to follow? How the younger generation is always lazy or entitled? The children of the 50’s didn’t know how good they had it, no war no rationing all those great new products to buy. The children of the 60’s? Lazy hippies who had no sense of patriotism. The 70’s? Druggies and losers, totally out of control. 80’s? The “me” generation… You get the picture…

Well in Wynter #1 we meet Liz Wynter a teen growing up in a world where you are not special. And society will take every opportunity to prove it to you. Sadly we know that the desire for uniqueness is hard-wired, certain people will always strive for, and pine for, the feeling of individuality. Liz is one of those people.

Wynter_Preview_02Living an average teenage life with the added intrusion of the “voice in her head” (a computer chip (?) designed to link you to the world) she is constantly bombarded by how ordinary she is. A thought like I am special gets her this response “‘I am special’ 200 BIL+ had same though in last 30 seconds” “10 BIL+ are 17, like you” “Would you like to know who they are?” Instead of beating her down this seems to make Liz more resistant to the idea of sameness. And as she lashes out more and more, trying to find that thing that makes her different, she stumbles upon something very dangerous. Is this the price of individuality?

Wynter reminded me so strongly of the books of my youth, those books you read in high school, where the teen protagonist is conflicted but just slogs through until something around him forces change (everything from Zindel’s Pigman novels to Harry Potter.) Yes it’s just like those, except for one rather large difference, Liz may not know what she wants but she Wynter_Preview_03sure as hell isn’t sitting still till “it” happens to her. She makes decisions, bad decisions perhaps but she makes them nonetheless.

Guy Hasson tackles those common teen feelings of isolation, the need for inclusion, the need for independence with a character who is at once likeable and not, understandable and alien. Liz is who you might have been if you were pushed hard enough, or let it get to you enough and gave in to those feelings. We all know her, have seen some facet of her in our mirror, so when you hear her “voice” degrading and devaluing her thoughts you get it, you want her to do something. And then she does.

Wynter_Preview_04I don’t do spoiler reviews so I can’t go into detail but the twist (or double twists) this first issue takes were imaginative and well written, I can’t imagine where this story will lead.

Aron Elekes’ art is both striking and sublime, neon hues and chalky pastels, cloudy and yet full of detail. So worth checking out.

This is a great book. One I hope you’ll check out. I’m giving it a rare (but deserved) 5 out of 5. I want to and will read the rest of this series.

If your interested in checking it out there’s a really easy way to get started, just get to twitter and follow New Worlds Comics, they’ll send you a digital issue #1 of Wynter free! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Writer: Guy Hasson
Artist: Aron Elekes
Publisher: New Worlds Comics
Age: Wynter is for ages 15+

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