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Preview/Review Veil #4! Time to Adjust Your Perceptions!


What if the hero of the story isn’t really the hero, or the poor vulnerable victim is actually a dangerous, malevolent creature? Maybe we just need to readjust our thinking of what the good guys really look like. All of these ideas are at play as Veil continues to spin out its tale.


Veil comes into her true form in this issue. While she fights against the will of the man who invoked her she isn’t strong enough to resist. Meanwhile Dante gets a visit from one of her rodent friends, who may be the most dangerous creature of all. He tries to convince Dante that Veil still desperately needs his help. Thankfully for Veil, Dante needs little convincing.

I cannot get enough of this book. It’s a dark story, there’s no way around it. Poor Veil has always been more than she appeared to be, we’ve known that from the start, but now that we see what she truly is, it’s amazing that we can still feel for her. A sympathetic demon is a hard thing to imagine but Veil is exactly that. A creature who doesn’t have any agency of her own but is an enormously powerful slave to those that control her. How does a creature with that much power still have so little control over her own life? I’m hoping as the story comes to its conclusion we’ll find out.

As always five out of five stars for Veil. I will be very sorry when it ends but I’m going to enjoy the journey while it lasts. Veil #4 hits stands July 30!

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Veil #4
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Toni Fejzula
Cover Artist: Toni Fejzula
Genre: Horror
Publication Date: July 30, 2014
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.50
UPC: 7 61568 23944 7 00411

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