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Preview/Review Vampirella: Southern Gothic TP in Stores May 7th!


Preview/Review Vampirella: Southern Gothic TP in Stores May 7th!I’ve always been a Vampirella fan more in theory than in practice. Over the years the writer’s who’ve worked on the various books she starred in have been spotty to say the least. I’ve got no issue with sexy Vampi in her skimpy red outfit as long as she’s got an interesting plot to work with. Sadly that’s often not been the case. Southern Gothic, written by Nate Cosby (Archaia’s COW BOY, BUDDY COPS from Dark Horse, and co-writer of PIGS from Image), is thankfully one of the rare gems.

We find Vampirella in her element, fighting demons. Post battle she receives a call from an old friend. Well more than a friend, a cowboy named Jacob, who it seems she can’t say no to. Vampi travels down to Mississippi, of all places, to help Jacob with his problem. It seems there is a dead woman down there who has died 37 times. As things unfurl we discover the woman was not just a random person but Jacob’s lover who was cursed with immortality more than a century before. She could die but she’d always come back. The problem is this time she isn’t because Jacob sold his soul to free her from her curse. Two days later she died.

Vampirella Southern Gothic is a great story. Voodoo queens, demons and immortals all in the hothouse atmosphere of the South. Vampi is completely out of her element, yet completely at home. Watching her interplay with the other characters is interesting as so little intimidates her yet she’s not sure what she’s dealing with her at first. It’s fun seeing her walk around in jeans too. The story is riveting and the twists will keep you turning the pages. This is the most I’ve enjoyed Vampirella in years.

I’m giving Vampirella Southern Gothic 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a thrill ride from beginning to end.

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Vampirella: Southern Gothic TP
Writer: Cosby, Nathan
Artist: Luis, Jos
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978160690489351999
On Sale: May 07, 2014
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: MAR141095

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