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Preview/Review – The Undoubtables – Solid Indie Heist Comic


Preview/Review - The Undoubtables - Solid Indie Heist Comic

Billed as “Ocean’s Elven” meets “Payback” the Undoubtables is an interesting story of crime and revenge.

Spade has been in Arizona State Penitentiary for six months, today that’s gonna change. His escape has been carefully planned and now he’s out and running…

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Things look bleak but Spade’s got a plan! And the plan is a good one, he’s heading to New York to settle some scores and call in some markers. He assembles a crew and gets the ball rolling, unfortunately he steps on some toes in the process. I cringed as the plan started to unravel, with the bad guys, and the cops, and fate closing in. Things don’t go exactly as planned but the trip is worth the price of admission. The art is solid and the story is complex, this one gets a 3 out of 5. It comes out on comiXology on July 30th but you don’t need to wait, order the trade from the publisher Markosia or Amazon, or you can get it digitally (kindle).

Story & Letters: Wes Locher
Pencils & Inks: Emre Ozdamarlar
Interior colors: Kefas Armando
Cover colors: Kell Smith
Published by Markosia Enterprises
Release date: July 1, 2014
Genre: Action/Heist
Pages: 96
Format: Graphic Novel
Logo: Amanda Kent

It’s Ocean’s Eleven meets Payback when career thief Spencer “Spade” Shelton, finds himself back in New York City one year after escaping prison. When the heist he’s planned goes wrong, his mobster victims come after Spade and his crew for both their money and their vengeance!

Tipped off to Spade’s presence, the clock is ticking as N.Y.P.D. detectives race to stop The Undoubtables from pulling their next big bank robbery. The thieves must stay one step ahead of the law while doing their best to stay alive.

Purchase links:
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Digital: (Kindle)
Coming to ComiXology on July 30.

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