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Preview/Review The Black Feather Falls – Solid Writing! Great Art!


BFF01-00The twenties seem to have been a fascinating era, at least from afar. Women were more empowered than before and pushing some of the boundaries of their stations. They were out and about at work and at play in ways they hadn’t been before. This of course meant they also got themselves into trouble.

Tina Swift is an American living in London. She’s a shop girl in an eyeglass shop. One morning while at work she witnesses the police dealing with a murder in the street in front of the store where she works. After a brief but unpleasant exchange with a police officer she decides she is done with this job and decides to follow up on an offer of employment she’d received from one of her customers. Once she gets to the offices of the paper he owns she is greeted by a receptionist who discourages her intentions. As they talk they discover some things, things that pertain to the gentleman murdered earlier. The two woman decide to do some investigating on their own.

The Black Feather was great fun. I enjoyed the characters and how they interacted. I loved the 1920s feel of the art. The attention to detail in the art was fantastic. I was completely engaged by the mystery as well. I was extremely upset when I got to the last page. I wanted to know what the hell was going on and I wanted to see Tina show up the stodgy police by playing detective.

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I’m giving Black Feather Falls 5 out of 5 stars. Solid writing, fun plot and lovely art. It left me wanting more!

The Black Feather Falls #1
Publisher: Soaring Penguin Press
Written by Ellen Lindner
Art by Ellen Lindner
Genres: Crime, Graphic Novels, Historical
Page Count: 36 Pages
Digital Release Date: April 9 2014
Age Rating: 12+ Only

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