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Preview/Review Spring Heeled Jack – Alterna Comics


Spring Heeled Jack is a character in English folklore. A gruesome creature only vaguely human, he went around attacking people, mostly women at random. He slashed at their clothes and skin with his claws. It was a popular urban legend in the Victorian Era in Britain and there were many sightings reported. None were ever verified, of course. A new comic takes its turn in retelling the legend.

Preview/Review Spring Heeled Jack - Alterna Comics

Two young women in a house alone and a stranger comes to the door claiming to be a police officer. The younger of the two warns the other woman that it could be Spring Heeled Jack but her fears are dismissed as a fairy tale…until she opens the door. When the police come to investigate the scene, there is not much to see thanks to a fire but there are bloody claw prints on the wall as well as footprints that lead nowhere. Each clue leads to more mystery.

I thoroughly enjoyed Spring Heeled Jack. While it’s just a start the pieces that it gives us are just twisted and dark enough to leave you wanting more. I enjoyed the pacing of the writing and the tension you can feel rising as the story goes on. The book is heavily reliant on its visuals as well and the muted tones and detail are perfect to bring you back to the Victorian era and the lingering fear of monsters left in this world on the brink of change.

I’m giving Spring Heeled Jack 4 out of 5 stars. It’s an excellent start to what looks to be a wonderfully creepy story.

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Spring Heeled Jack #1
Format: Four issue mini-series
Writer: Tony Deans
Artist: Martha Laverick
Lettering by Joshua Cozine
Publisher: Alterna Comic
Release Date: November 12, on Comixology and Drive Thru Comics.

Here’s a peek inside:
??????????????????We don’t have a firm release date for the series but it should be releasing on ComiXology soon!

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