Preview/Review Revelations #3 from BOOM! Studios ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview/Review Revelations #3 from BOOM! Studios


Preview/Review Revelations #3 from BOOM! Studios!


This is a book I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, Paul Jenkins is a writer like few others. He can weave a tale of intrigue to rival any New York Times Bestseller, or he can blow you away with a rollercoaster ride of fight scene after fight scene (see: Marvel Knights Animation Presents: WOLVERINE: ORIGIN – July 9th!). Revelations is a perfect example of the former. His protagonist, Charlie Northern, is an acerbic, foul-mouthed, chain smoking, pain in the ass. These are just four of the reasons that I love him. Take a guy with that attitude and send him to investigate a murder in Vatican City, where pomp and secrecy is king, and fireworks are sure to follow.

You can’t talk about this book without talking art. Humberto Ramos’ style is wonderful, from Fairy Quest to Spider-Man his use of negative space and different page layouts is a treat. Check out the preview…

Preview/Review Revelations #3 from BOOM! Studios Revelations_03_PRESS-3 Revelations_03_PRESS-4

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Now I’m no fly on the wall, I don’t know which of these guys are coming up with the camera angles, the blocking, the overall visual direction of this comic but it’s safe to say that the two of them together have created a book that’s a pleasure to read in both plot and visuals.

Revelations gets a five out of five. If you haven’t jumped on yet ask about it at your local comic shop or pick up the first two at comiXology (


Revelations #3

Writer(s): Paul Jenkins
Artist(s): Humberto Ramos

Detective Charlie Northern’s investigation into the Vatican murder has led him on the path of secrets long buried. While the testimonies are stacking up, nothing is making sense. Northern has found himself in the middle of a real-life conspiracy theory and, for the first time in years, he will have to put himself in the mind-set of a man-of-faith to solve the case.

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