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Preview/Review – Peter Panzerfaust #21 – A New Story Arc Starts Here!


Preview/Review - Peter Panzerfaust #21 - A New Story Arc Starts Here!I love this title, the meandering path through World War II France that Peter and his Lost Boys have taken just keeps getting better. The danger and the drama never quit! But when looking back at it all Claude raises a great point, that while Peter’s story seems amazing it is in fact like so many other people’s lives at the time. No the average French teen wasn’t running the streets fighting the Nazi, but they were finding ways to survive the war-torn world they were living in. And that’s one of the reasons I love this series. No capes, no tights, no special powers. A group, of well kids essentially, doing everything they can not only to fight for what they believe in but also to stay alive, and stay together. There hasn’t been a single issue that missed that point, and that didn’t convey that it poignantly. Thanks Kurtis for making a great book full of great action and great drama. 5 out of 5, every time.

Here’s the preview of Peter Panzerfaust #21:

‘ON TILL MORNING,’ Part One From the memories of Claude, the only living twin, the story continues. Together at last, Peter, the Darlings, and the remaining Lost Boys embed themselves in the dangerous heart of Paris. With the Hook hot on their heels, it is only a matter of time before they are discovered. But Peter has a plan. A new story arc begins here!”

peter21_00 peter21_01 peter21_02

peter21_03 peter21_04 peter21_05

and the pull list info (courtesy of
Peter Panzerfaust #21
Writer: Wiebe, Kurtis J.
Artist: Jenkins, Tyler
Cover Artist: Upchurch, Roc
Publisher: Image/Shadowline
On Sale: October 01, 2014
Price: $3.50
Product ID: JUN140493

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