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Preview/Review: Littlest Pet Shop #4 – from IDW


Preview/Review: Littlest Pet Shop #4 - from IDWSo I have kids, have I mentioned that? And when you have kids (and are a normal human being) you tend to watch a little :cough: :cough: sorry a lot of television. So way back in November of 2012 I took my daughter to the Hub Playdate Premiere Party which was the series premiere of not only the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon but also the Littlest Pet Shop as well. MLP is a great show (and comic) but I have to say I think LPS overshadowed it that day. The main character, Blythe, is witty and fashionable but not in any way snotty or pretentious. Her gift of talking to and understanding animals is presented well and results in wacky situations and the cast of animals are very funny.

Well IDW launched a mini series but this is the first issue I’ve gotten my hands on. First the good. Because of the style of animation this lends itself to a comic very well. The voices of the characters come through clearly and even though this was issue 4 I didn’t feel lost. But there in lies the one problem I have with it. How can I not be lost in issue 4 out of 5? This read like an issue one. It makes me wonder what went on in the other two issues?

LPS4-02 LPS4-03 LPS4-04

If it becomes an ongoing I think it could do very well, lord knows the Hub Network runs the show often enough.

LPS4-05 LPS4-06

This one gets a 3 out of 5, concept is on, characterizations are on, but the storytelling just seems a little off pace for a mini-series. And $3.99 a piece for a five issue series is pricey, would this really be a twenty dollar trade paper back?

Littlest Pet Shop #4 (of 5)
Writer: Ball, Georgia
Artist: Pena, Nico
Cover Artist: Campo, Antonio
Price: $3.99
UPC: 82771400639100411
On Sale August 13, 2014
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: JUN140388

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