Preview/Review Legenderry #3 - On Sale March 19th! ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview/Review Legenderry #3 – On Sale March 19th!


Aboard a zeppelin, we find our damsel in distress, as well as Captain Victory, the Bionic Man, and a few of Dr. Moreau’s unnatural creations. Just a regular dinner in Legenderry.

Preview/Review Legenderry #3 - On Sale March 19th!Magna finds herself a bit gun-shy when it comes to leaving her cabin. Understandably so, as she keeps being attacked by the mysterious clones. After being chastised for being rude to the captain by not joining him for dinner, she finally makes her way to the dining room. While her dinner company is charming, she doesn’t see the group at another table. More clones, this time on a completely different mission but they’re willing to adapt to a new one. It seems Magna’s capture is job one with this crowd.

We definitely pick up the pace again in this issue. We learn a bit more about what the mysterious attackers want Magna for. The steampunk version of the Bionic Man was also quite fun. Captain Victory as the ship’s captain was a nice touch as well. There was plenty of action and a bit more story movement. Just what I was looking for last issue. Magna seems to have yet another secret, which I think I’ve figured out but we shall see.

I’m giving Legenderry #3, Four out of Five Stars. This is more of what I was hoping for from this series.

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Legenderry #3 (of 7)
Writer: Willingham, Bill
Artist: Davila, Sergio Fernandez
Cover Artist: Benitez, Joe
Price: $3.99
UPC: 72513021268900311
On Sale: March 19, 2014
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: JAN141097

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