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Preview/Review – Jack Hammer from Action Lab Jan 22!



Jack Hammer is a book that comes in under the heading of “New To You”. I reviewed and heartily recommended this book ages ago ()….

Here’s some of that review:

Jack McGriskin was famous, or infamous is probably more appropriate. First a prize fighter and then a Super Hero. But now he’s a P.I. with a class four Superhuman Activities License and a case. A case with enough twists and turns to make Dashiell Hammett proud. Like any classic hard-boiled detective novel the case was a simple one, till the man Jack’s investigating turns up dead. But that’s not stopping Jack…

…Iconic has a really great style, totally suited to this type of book. If you’ve got a good funky jazz album to play in the background it really suits the mood. The hard nosed detective fiction genre is alive and well with a super hero twist. I hope we see further adventures of Jack Hammer and his crew, four issues just aren’t enough.

I think it’s pretty on the money to say I enjoyed the hell out of this book!  I think you will too:

Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_2 Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_3 Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_4

Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_5Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_6 Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_7 Action_Lab_Ent_Jack_Hammer_1_8

 4 out of 5 (Mike) Hammers


Writer(s): Brandon Barrows
Artist Name(s): Ionic
Cover Artist(s): Ionic

In Boston, where powers are real and heroes are rare, Jack McGriskin is a private detective with a wicked right cross and a penchant for nosiness.  When a missing person he’s searching for turns up dead, he stumbles onto a web of hidden corruption and a world he thought he’d left behind!  Variant cover by Riley Rossmo (Pirate Cowboy Ninja, Green Wake)!

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