Preview/Review! Is Bad Ass #1 A Badass Comic???? Yes, Yes it is. ~ What'cha Reading?

Preview/Review! Is Bad Ass #1 A Badass Comic???? Yes, Yes it is.


Action packed. Sick and twisted. Violent and over the top.

BadAss01-Cov-BessadiJust the way I like it!

The publisher calls it Kick-ass + Deadpool but I disagree. Though I love the ‘Pool he can come off, for lack of a better phrase, dumb. More on him later. As for Kick-ass? Kick-ass’ level of violence seems gratuitous after a while. Now this book does not shy away from gratuitous violence, but maybe the level it’s not as uncalled for as it seems.

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 I can hear the shocked intake of breath from here. He just took out an entire restaurant full of people! How is that NOT uncalled for?

Simple, this man is obviously a sociopath. That doesn’t justify his actions. It doesn’t give him permission. It does put the level of violence in context. The rest of issue one was just as over the top. As for the plot? We know we’re dealing with an assassin, a bad guy but Herik Hanna has told us very little else about our protagonist. There are some flash backs to teen years but for all we know that could be another character’s life, someone not yet introduced (wouldn’t that be a bit of misdirection?).

As for my dislike of the Deadpool comparison this character, this “Dead End”, seems light years more intelligent, just as witty, and about 9 times as disturbed as good old Wade Wilson. I may have found a new favorite psychopath.

I loved this book. 5 out of 5 all the way.

BAD ASS #1 (of 4)
Herik Hanna (w) 
Bruno Bessadi (a/c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature
If Kick-Ass and Deadpool had a baby, it would be BAD ASS! The only difference being that Dead End is a villain through and through with no intentions of serving anyone. What makes Dead End so great is his self-aware humor and biting sarcasm— the mark of a true evil genius. Hard to hate and even harder to kill, Dead End is an eloquent psychopath who fights for something better than justice: himself.

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