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Preview/Review! The Fallen – Michael Montenat – Alex De-Gruchy


Preview/Review! The Fallen - Michael Montenat - Alex De-GruchyOne of the things I love to do at conventions is to find a creator whose work I enjoy point to the table and ask “what should I buy”. They always look at you like you’re a little crazy (well they look at me that way all the time) and then smile and start selling you their favorite thing they’re working on. Friend (and favorite) of What’cha Reading Michael Montenat had a bunch of different things on his table at Asbury Comic Con this year. But when I asked him what I should pick up he didn’t hesitate, calling “The Fallen” his favorite project right now.

I loved Michael’s work in Spirit of the Law (Spirit of the Law! Horror and Revenge from Seifert, Montenat, and Monkerbrain Comics!) so I knew it was a fair bet that this would be great as well.

The Fallen brings us in at the end, the end of the era of superheroes. Eight years or so ago Manhattan got a little sick of the constant superhero conflicts causing untold damage. So they hired a scientist who created a dome like force field. It negated any superpowers within. Worked like a charm until the pulse. When the pulse hit the dome it turned everyone inside it into “insane murderous cannibals”.

Well the over 1.6 million “insane murderous cannibals” that poured out of NYC have been spreading across the country, wreaking havoc. The country could probably use some superheroes right about now, but after the dome, and the pulse, well supers aren’t welcome here anymore. So they probably all left right. Right?

Issue one follows Ray, Sam, and Liz who are covering the country by horseback looking for any survivors. What will they find out in the wilds of America? And will they be able to protect the secret they carry with them?

I enjoyed issue 1, Montenat’s art and De-Gruchy’s story really complimented each other well. Michael’s use of wide-angle landscapes and tight reaction shots really brought the story home, and Ron Riley’s colors fit the tone perfectly. Tomorrow (4/23) marks the release of issue 2 on comixology, issue one is for sale as well. Go pick them up and see if you get sucked in like I did.

The Fallen gets 4 out of 5 stars! Check out a preview from issue #1

Fallen_01-2 Fallen_01-3

Fallen_01-4 Fallen_01-5

The Fallen #1
Writer: Alex De-Gruchy
Art: Michael Montenat
Colorist: Ron Riley
Letterer: Dave Acosta
Price: $0.99
Pages: 17
Rating: 17+
Of course the superheroes would save the world. That’s what superheroes do.
But then came the day when they didn’t, when the Pulse killed billions and turned the planet into a devastated wasteland.
Eight years later, one man in a mask and cape has decided that the human race has limped on long enough: either the remaining superpowered people rise up as gods, or all of mankind is finally put out of its misery.
But where there are villains, there are heroes. And where there are those who fly, there are those who fall.
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And here’s the purchase info and preview for issue #2!

The Fallen #2 (of 8)
Writer: Alex De-Gruchy
Artist: Michael Montenat
Colorist: Ron Riley
Letter: Dave Acosta
Price: $0.99
Pages: 16
Rating: 17+
After narrowly escaping the horde of sleepers in Lincoln, Sam, Liz and Ray are on the move yet again, crossing a country of ashes and bones while Sam is haunted by the man responsible for the desolation through which they ride.
Sam isn’t the only former superhero who can’t let go of the past. In Oklahoma, an alcoholic bounty hunter who once used violence to protect the innocent now uses it because he knows nothing else. With a head full of rage, a stomach full of whiskey, and a mask and costume in his backpack, John knows that all he has ahead of him is more violence. And that’s just fine with him.
While the superheroes may now be just survivors, a group of murderous supervillains emerges from the shadows with visions of a bloody crusade against a world that hates and fears them.
Direct link to purchase:
Fallen_02-3 Fallen_02-4 Fallen_02-5

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