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Preview/Review: Dejah of Mars #1!


I’m a big fan of Dejah Thoris. She’s always been kind of kick ass, even while wearing what amounts to pasties most of the time. She typically holds her own when standing next to her husband, John Carter. I haven’t been reading her and John’s adventures in their Dynamite title, Warlords of Mars, so I decided to try this miniseries as a jumping on point. Turns out it’s more like jumping in but that’s okay I caught on quickly.

Preview/Review: Dejah of Mars #1!

After the events in Warlords of Mars #100, John has gone missing and with him an artifact important to Helium. Not even the famous John Carter is above the law so while there is a search going on for him, it is to arrest and execute him. Of course Dejah’s not having this, nor is their son, Carthoris. Dejah convinces her son to keep calm and keep watching for clues as to what may be behind Carter’s disappearance. Meanwhile the princess herself will go on a mission to find and rescue her husband as he has done for her so many times before.

I enjoyed Dejah of Mars a great deal. I’ve always loved the character’s passion and it’s being put to good use here as she fights to get her man back. There is obviously some treachery afoot in the kingdom and palace intrigue is always fun but it’s her status as a warrior princess that has always made her a favorite. Her she is on her own, without much resource save herself so it is a chance for her strength and cunning to shine. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series so I can see how this all plays out.

I’m giving Dejah of Mars #1 four out of five stars. It was mostly setup so it lacked a certain depth but that’s expected in a first issue. It certainly gave me enough to want to read more.

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Dejah of Mars #1 (of 4) (MR)
Writer: Rahner, Mark
Artist: Morales, Jethro
Cover Artist: Anacleto, Jay
On Sale: May 28, 2014
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: MAR141076
Price: $3.99
UPC: 72513021638001011

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