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Preview/Review Aliens: Fire and Stone #1!


Preview/Review Aliens: Fire and Stone #1!

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream. That was the tagline for one of the most prolific science-fiction/ horror films from 20th Century Fox – “Alien.” This month, Dark Horse Comics is betting that in whatever SPACE you occupy, you’ll be SCREAMING while reading their newest title, “Aliens: Fire and Stone”.

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This month, Dark Horse Comics will be relaunching their “Aliens”, “Predator”, “AVP” titles, and introducing us to their newest book, “Prometheus.” All set to tie in with one another and expand the shared universes, the mythology building comic series all fall under the header “Fire and Stone.” As a fan of the films and Dark Horse books of the nineties, I have been eagerly anticipating their Alien/Predator/Prometheus event since I first learned of it. Thanks to the exceptional people at Dark Horse, I was not only treated to a full copy of “Prometheus: Fire and Stone” last week (which I previously reviewed) but also treated to a preview of their September 24th release of “Aliens: Fire and Stone”. Let me tell you right now, this is a book that you will not want to miss.

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Whether or not you are a fan of the film series or Dark Horse comics that enriched the films during the nineties, the fact is this – “Aliens: Fire and Stone” is a damn good read. It’s great science-fiction for people who enjoy stories of people in space, aliens, and people trying to survive while dealing with aliens. It’s also great horror. Horror for people who enjoy falling in love with the characters, relating to them because of how real they are presented, and then the tension of slowly watching one by one being stalked, tormented, and eventually killed by aliens. As a believer in giving credit to where it is done, I must say that the creative teams Dark Horse Comics have assembled for their current “Aliens” and “Prometheus” series are top-notch. All five writers on board this massive undertaking of launching five titles based on the films of “Aliens”, “Predator”, “AVP”, and “Prometheus” are from Portland, Oregon and believe in telling a good yarn with the tapestry of writing that made the films such classics in the first place. “Aliens: Fire and Stone” writer, Chris Roberson, said that one of the things him and editor, Scott Allie discussed was “to try to get back more to the almost haunted house feel of the first ‘Alien’ film as opposed to the more militaristic take that the franchise took from ‘Aliens’ onward.” This is the exact sentiment that truly permeates each page and one of the reasons the book works so well. We know how dangerous the aliens are, and how LV-426 (the colony from the first two films) is essentially hell. We’ve seen Ellen Ripley, perhaps the toughest character in all of science fiction, go head to head against these creatures time and time again. But something that has sorely been lacking, well since the first film directed by Sir Ridley Scott, is normal, blue-collar workers, facing such a formidable threat. And using every bit of cunning and resolve to, simply put, survive. This is the heart of what “Aliens: Fire and Stone” is about.

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Within the first few pages of “Aliens: Fire and Stone” we are introduced to terra-forming engineer, Derrick Russell, and a few other players who may or not become series mainstays. The newly created characters all become fleshed out during a vicious and horrific outbreak on LV-426. After a tease of eight pages, I find myself salivating like a xenomorph for more aliens goodness (or evilness) and looking forward to hopefully meeting writer, Chris Roberson, and artist, Patric Reynolds at NYCC to shake their hands on a good story that is well told!

Aliens: Fire and Stone #1
Writer: Roberson, Chris
Artist: Reynolds, Patric
Cover Artist: Palumbo, David
On Sale September 24, 2014
Publisher Dark Horse
Diamond Id: JUL140054
Price: $3.50
UPC: 76156822317000100

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